Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More budbreak.

The first thing I had to do when I got home from the winery today was to put a stop to an excavation project in the vineyard. V1 and V2 seemed intent on digging their way to China. Dogs and gophers, they just don't mix! But my trudge up the hill was not in vain. I noticed budbreak in our Syrah. Yea...and nay! Again, one word, frost!
Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind this year. I doubt it somehow. The past two nights we have been serenaded with our neighbouring vineyard's fans, their method of frost protection. The frost season lasted 6 weeks last year. We eventually become used to the noise of the fans, as we do every year.
You can see in the picture that the infant Syrah leaves have a very definite pink tinge compared to the Orange muscat, (Cabernet sauvignon even more so), but all in all, baby leaves look much the same. They don't look quite like "homicidal fried eggs" as all babies looked to P. G. Wodehouse, but they are awfully similar.


Thud said...

More frost!...lots of tasty Damsons are a must.

Vinogirl said...

You saw the blossoms...they are on their way!

Thud said...

True but some frost at blossom time is good for damsons....tough critters.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Great fun site!

Frighteningly early for budbreak but we will cross our fingers that the frost monster sleeps through the rest of spring.