Friday, January 16, 2009

Licensed to sell.

Today I stopped at the college and bought the required books for my English course, (text books are expensive). I wish I were taking something a little more exciting than this particular class but I have out of the ordinary time constraints this semester.
I am disappointed in not being able to take one of the follow-on classes from the oenology programme I took last semester, e.g. Spring Winery Operations. This would be an especially good time to take that class as Napa Valley College (NVC) was just recently issued permits allowing them to sell wines produced by the students. NVC is California's first community college with a bonded winery. The bond allows the college to sell up to 1,000 cases per year. A 2008 Chardonnay will be the first release available for purchase and any profit from sales will help support the viticulture/winery programme.
The college is well regarded among Napa Valley wineries, which hire many of its students and encourage employees to study there. Graduates work as grape growers, winemakers, marketing specialists, and in other areas of the industry. However in some cases, natural winemaking talent is put on hold because some classes at the college require the student to be at least 21 years of age. These classes involve wine tasting and to stay within the confines of the law, (a law I totally disagree with), students must be of legal drinking age.
Unfortunately, Vinogirl, is slightly above the age limit...and some!


Thud said...

whatever your age you won't be drinking the first release..ha!

Vinogirl said...

This is true :)

Craig Justice said...

Mademoiselle, would you be so kind as to send me your e-mail address, and then we could carry on a proper correspondance. As your friend the Godfather would say, "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse." Or, you may friend us at Facebook (look up "Blue-Merle Winery" and become a fan). Bluey and I have gone back to school, too. We're taking a course in vineyard management at Mira Costa College (of course, I should have taken this course before we planted our vineyard!) We will finish pruning this weekend, and a "batch" of new vines from Novavines has arrived ... we're going to fill in some gaps in our Tempranillo rows and do some planting this weekend-- and train some more one-armed bandits in an attempt to get some more really "intense" fruit. Cheers!
-- Bluey & Outlaw