Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last Saturday afternoon, as you may recall, I toiled away in the vineyard ensuring Vinomaker a supply of raw materials for future vintages. I spent today enjoying the fruits of somebody else's labour. A premium up valley winery released a much anticipated Reserve Cabernet sauvignon after an absence of 5 years. It was worth the wait. Complex, layered, luscious and bold, without being overbearing like so many other Napa Cabs, the Groth 2005 is a treat for your tongue. Reserve wines are not regulated by any governing body, unlike most things in the wine industry, and quite honestly some wineries just cheat. Michael Weis and his staff have produced a wonderful tipple and have gone above and beyond to create something which is quite extraordinary. Obviously just one technique of theirs, gravity-flow racking, results in a very cherry, and Vinogirl merry, libation.


Marc Winitz said...

I was at this release pouring on behalf of the winery. I love this Reserve. A beautiful effort. Did you get a chance to taste the 2007 Reserve barrel sample?

Vinogirl said...

No...I missed it :(
How was it?

NHwineman said...

Well, in retrospect, I'm SOOOO glad that we are on the same page when it comes to Groth Cab.Res.:-)))