Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy National Mutt Day.

Dogs, vines and wines - just a few of my favourite things (in that order, actually).  I have been posting a lot on Vinsanity about vines and wines lately, but not enough about dogs.  Or one dog in particular. So what better way to celebrate that today is National Mutt Day than by posting a photograph of the best poochie in the nation, Vinodog 2.
V2 has had a bit of a rough time the past 5 weeks - far too many trips to the vet - but she is on the mend now.  She's a great dog, very clever, bright and endlessly entertaining.  I could live without vines and wines, but I seriously could not live without dogs.
Happy National Mutt Day to every furry canine-companion in America!


Thomas said...

My dog takes exception to the word "mutt," he being so veddy, veddy well bred. Is there a national breed day?

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: I like the word mongrel myself, mutt just sounds weird.

What breed of poochie do you have?

Thomas said...

A standard poodle named Oliver. I should say, a regal standard poodle; at least he thinks so. Aside from that crazy illusion, he is a truly smart animal...and almost as handsome as the guy who walks him through the vineyard every morning.

Henry, the poodle that preceded Oliver, used to love to eat Catawba grapes right off the vine in October. I later learned that grapes make dogs sick, which Henry obviously had never heard about.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Now that you mention Oliver, I seem to remember that you have told me about him before. Yes, old V1 used to eat grapes with no ill effects either :)