Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's inside Vinogirl's fridge?

Inspired by an article that appeared in People magazine, some 6 months ago now (what can I say?  I'm slow), about celebrity kitchens, I decided to take a quick snapshot of the contents of my own refrigerator. My humble fridge is not quite as highfalutin as Martha Stewart's refrigerator for example, but then again I'm not in the habit of throwing dinner parties for 200, or so, fancy-pants people.
All the essentials are there; chocolate, fresh fruit, beer, sparkling wine, egg nog (Vinomaker's), damson jam, yogurt (not essential) and more chocolate.  I did not stage this photograph.  Well, I did move extra bottles of beer to the shelf below and I put a half used tin of dog food in the bottom shelf of the door - lest you think I'm sort of weird by keeping unrecognisable, recycled animal bits suspended in gelatinous gloop next to my chocolate.
Purists, don't be alarmed.  The bottle of Mumm, 2006 Devaux Ranch sparkling wine, only went from the wine refrigerator to the non-wine-dog-food refrigerator last night.  And it's not going to be kept that chilled indefinitely, I wouldn't treat bubbly that way.  In fact, it will be consumed in fairly short order. Tonight to be exact, hic!
So what's in your fridge?


Thud said...

I'm sure that Peroni is mine.

About Last Weekend said...

My Mum just arrived so an addition of MUmmm would be just the ticket. Funnily enough I was just wondering what is in your fridge. We have non alcoholic beer - to stop us drinking to excess every night, leftovers which we never eat, odd bits of cheese which never get eaten and - presently a bottle of Marie Courtin champagne which a friend gave to us (now I'm worried how long is too long in the fridge for champers?)

Vinogirl said...

Thud: It reminds me of being at your house :)

ALW: You should drive up to Napa and go tasting at Mumm with your mum, as a's a beautiful location.

Leon Stolarski said...

So how come those (non-essential) bowls of salad on the top shelf are taking up so much valuable space?!

Vinogirl said...

Leon: If you look closely, there's more chocolate behind the broccoli :)

Leon Stolarski said...

Ah yes, I see it now. Very cunning!