Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A chicken rack.

Today, Vinomaker and I attended the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, 2012 Viticulture Fair, an event that is held every other year and one that I really wouldn't like to miss.  It's an entertaining and informative trade show with lots of things to see and do; bundles of baby vines, shiny tractors, mobile wind machines and tons of miscellaneous, innovative vineyard tools and equipment.  I usually bump into people I know who are in the wine industry and so I enjoy the social aspect of attending the fair also.  I was having a great time wandering around when something truly wonderful caught my eye.  Behold, the mother of all hen-houses!
The CoopMaster Chicken Coop is made in the USA by Western Square Industries (WSI), a company who specialises in, amongst other wine industry equipment  the manufacturing of barrel racks. Really good, stainless steel barrel racks.  In fact, whilst chatting, the WSI representative, who had apparently noticed my name tag, commented that "You," she was referring to TWWIAGE,  "just bought a rather large order of stainless racks."  Yes, we did.  2012 has been a bumper vintage, so we needed more racks to put under all the extra barrels we bought.
But getting back to the rooster-residence.  I have wanted to get a small flock of Gallus gallus domesticus for quite a while, but have been putting off getting them for a number of reasons.  The main reason was waiting until I felt V2 was mature enough to not go and worry the poor things to death. Whilst I don't eat a ton of eggs, I am English and I don't know any self-respecting English person who doesn't like a good chucky egg now and again.  Fresh eggs are unbeatable.
Just as easy as stainless steel barrel racks are to maintain, this steel, powder-coated chicken coop is constructed with the discerning chicken's style, welfare and hygiene in mind.  WSI calls this hen-house The Chicken's Hilton.  I want one.  Besides, what could possibly more perfect in Vinoland than a wine industry manufactured chicken condo in Vinogirl Red?


Thud said...

Nice...but is it posh enough for the gay chickens we are getting?

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Funny, but Vinoland's chickens will be happy little souls also.
I like the hose-ability factor of this coop.

New Hampshire Wineman said...

I want one too.
Alas, we have a forbidding zoning ordinance:(
But I did send a link to a friend who does want chickens:)

Vinogirl said...

NHW: That's a shame. Do you live in a city?
I think your friend would like this chicken coop, it's very impressive in person.