Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just desserts?

I spent yesterday performing some odds and ends in the vineyard operations department - sugar-testing and field-budding - but today I spent a little time in the oenology department - bottling Vinoland's small batch of 2011 late harvest Orange Muscat.
This little pet-project of Vinomaker's has resulted in a very agreeable late harvest tipple (as opposed to a dessert wine).  It is a well balanced marriage of sugar and acid that is not in the least syrupy, or cloying, as one might expect of a wine with residual sugar.  Instead, this wine is fresh and lively with a distinct aroma of, well, orange blossom - fancy that!  We decided to put it in 375 ml  bottles...a little goes a long way.


Thud said...

I'll have a little of that myself please.

About Last Weekend said...

Orange blossom sounds great. Last night we went to the Bay Wolf duck night - we had the duck egg choccy pudding - wonder if it would have gone with that?

Vinogirl said...

Thud: There will be a new batch soon.

ALW: Although I love chocolate and orange together (Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Terry's Chocolate Orange in my stocking), I think the duck egg chocolate pudding might have overpowered the Orange Muscat. Of course, that doesn't mean, given the opportunity, that I wouldn't try them together!