Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May flowers.

Cold, almost winter-like weather conditions the past few days have not been much fun. Hail, lots of rain, and very little sun have dampened the spirits of most Napans. The white grape varieties that should be flowering any day now (if the sun ever comes back out), could be adversely affected if there is another hail event. Extra shifts at work, two papers to write for school, a final to prepare for, curly hair, and bored Vinodogs...boo hiss!
At least I have a smattering of cheery wild flowers in the vineyard, which smile and wink at me between showers, that are helping to snap me out of my general malaise.


Thud said...

The sun will come.

Trubes said...

Cheer up VS, King Kenny is back ready to knock the 'Mancs' off their ethreal thrones....
Here in Liverpool, we're sick to death of hearing about Manchester....I'm sure Kenny Dalglish will bring the smiles back to Liverpool FC supporters.
I say all this sincerely. as I am an Evertonian but I love LiverpoolFC too! How strange is that?
Anyway, I do hope the sun will shine for you soon,


Vinogirl said...

Thud: Hopefully sooner, rather than later!

Trubes: Being in the city centre when the crowd emptied from a recent game at Anfield, I could feel the optimism in the air...it's a wonderful, sunny thing in itself :)