Friday, May 27, 2011

A bevy of whites.

Optimistically hoping that the weather will one day be warm enough in California to eat out on the deck, Vinomaker and I did a quick white wine tasting - in part to decide what wines we need to stock up on. Generally, we both prefer to drink more white wines over the summer months, but I do know people who will drink nothing but red, no matter what the temperature is. Here are some speed tasting notes;

Mayacamas Vineyards 2001 Chardonnay - as the old adage goes, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything.
Lamoreaux Landing 2008 Riesling - a delightful, lemony-minerality. Nice acid man!
Artesa 2008 AlbariƱo - peachy, tropical, clean. Nice.
De Rose 2000 Viognier - aging and flabby, though still showing telltale signs of ripe apricots and orange blossom. A passable attempt, but it is no Condrieu.

There you have it. The Lamorueax Landing won hands down, but seeing as it was a gift it would take a bit of an effort to stock up Vinoland's wine fridge with this particular wine. Oh darn, I'll just have to do more research.


Thud said...

Condrieu...who he?

Thomas said...


Can you buy Lamoreaux Landing wine in Napa?

If not:

(607) 582-6011


Condrieu is part of a musical number in Guys and Dolls:

Condrieu, Condrieu,
this guy says the horse Condrieu.

Apologies to Frank Loesser and his estate.

About Last Weekend said...

Love your adage, If you haven't got anything nice to say....I must stick to that more often in life generally. Though bizarrely there are too many wines around that you have to apply that too. What were people thinking when they tasted them do you think?

Affer said...

When I worked around Bilbao some years back, all the local bars would have a big tub of water in which they sat opened bottles of red wine. I never saw much white at all, but this semi-cool red always went down very nicely. Of course, as there were never any labels on the bottles, one never knew what it was (my Basque chums would say "it's something like Rioja") and as everyone seemed to be in ETA, I wasn't going to ask too many questions anyway!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Methinks I spotted some in your wine cellar :)

Thomas: No, the Lamoreaux Landing was a gift, a very nice gift indeed, I may well have to order some. Thanks for the info.
I think you just spoiled 'Guys And Dolls' for me!

ALW: Well, some folks just drink inferior/odd/flawed wines for many diverse reasons; the wines are inexpensive, they haven't bothered, or aren't interested in, educating their palates, or they just plain like them. Each to his own...

Affer: Whoo in Spain, fecklessly drinking chilled red wine...but won't bother fratinising with ETA terrorists. What happened to your sense of adventure?