Saturday, August 07, 2010

What wine goes with...No. 2.

...beef stroganoff? I cheated a little bit with this one, and had Vinomaker research what would be the best wine pairing. An Australian Shiraz, an Italian Barbera, and a Napa Cabernet sauvignon were all recommended. Cabernet sauvignon seemed like the most obvious choice to me, because it is a beef dish after all, but more specifically I had in mind a Cabernet sauvignon aged in American oak. American oak barrels can often impart a dill component to a finished wine and I supposed that this particular oak characteristic would compliment the dill in the stroganoff. Alas, we had to settle for two wines which were aged in French oak; El Llano, a Cabernet-Syrah blend, and a 100% Cabernet sauvignon both from Mi Sueño Winery.
The Cabernet sauvignon won hands down. A monstrously fruit forward wine to begin with, Rolando Herrera's Cabernet sauvignon fairly exploded with black and red berries on the palate whilst still managing to display nice acidity and balance.
A very yummy wine and food pairing!


Vinomaker said...

Having experimented with oak barrels from various cooperages using different types of oak, I can say that American oak seems to frequently impart a dill aroma to the wine. With several of these lots they have also produced what I refer to as Hawaiian Tropic, with a decidedly coconut aroma. Barrels do matter but cannot improve bad wine!

Ron Combo said...

Hello VG! Can you get Italian Barbera quite easily in California? And is it from Alba or Asti? Purely out of local interest of course!

Vinogirl said...

VM: You know I love a good Syrah aged in American oak ;)

Ron: Well, it depends upon where you shop. Very small selection, of each, in Napa wine stores (understandably), but a larger selection in San Francisco. Did you need specific producers?

Ron Combo said...

A producer name would be nice, especially for a Barbera d'Asti (it's just around the corner). Sorry Vinogirl, I'm sure you have better things to do, like picking tomatoes!

Vinogirl said...

Ron, I will take a drive to the local wine store and see what producers are the top of my head I know I have purchased Michele Chiarlo in the past...ring any bells?
On the tomato front...I will have several ready this weekend, just in time for a big BBQ...whoo hoo!

Ron Combo said...

Chiarlo ius a top producer - his Moscato d'Asti is a dream. Thanks for the info Vinogirl.