Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fruit or flowers?

Vinomaker and I are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary today. Tradition dictates that gifts of fruit or flowers be exchanged. Consequently there is a lot of fruit, an orchid, a bottle of Sauternes (grapes), and a couple bottles of Calvados (apples) lying around the kitchen right now.
Calvados has always been a favourite tipple of Vinomaker's. Whether this eau de vie de cidre is produced by single or double distillation the resulting apple brandy, hailing from Normandy, is a very pleasant alternative to its high brow cousin, Cognac.
Happy anniversary Vinomaker.


Thud said...

A good choice in gifts...perfect.

Thomas said...

Happy Anniversary to you.

Four years--"you've only just begun."

Affer said...

H.A.! essential element of le trou Normand!

Sonadora said...

Happy Anniversary!

Vinogirl said...

Thank you all...and Sonadora, welcome to Vinsanity.