Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wakey, wakey!

At the side of the vineyard, nestled amid the coils of a hosepipe, Vinoland's first narcissus casts it's golden smile about the dormant vines and the now almost bare oak trees. No doubt unceremoniously relocated in the summer months by an overly enthusiastic squirrel, this lone harbinger of the 2010 growing season has succeeded in reminding me that the wintry world I see through my window is merely slumbering. Like the dozing wine tucked-up in oak barrels in the cellar below where I sit, this narcissus, whilst appearing to be doing nothing in particular, has deftly awakened in me a certain joie de vivre. The imminent arrival of a new calendar year signals to me the beginning of yet another joyous cycle of life out in the vineyard.
Many thanks to a little yellow flower.


Thud said...

Lets give winter a chance hey?'s bloody freezing here and I'm well chuffed. Happy new year!

Vinogirl said...

Don't worry, there is plenty of winter left in these parts, but nothing that would resemble the winter in your neck of the woods. I am well chuffed too...because every spare minute I have will be taken up with pruning :)