Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mumm's the word.

Two French, two domestic: This is the selection of bubbly for tonight's festivities. Only one candidate for merriment is a vintage sparkler, (it just so happens to be the locally produced 2000 DVX by Mumm Napa Valley), the others are non-vintage. 75% of the offerings are technically from the same producer, G.H. Mumm. 100% of the wines, thankfully, have the Chardonnay grape as the smallest component.
The Mumm Cordon Rouge wins this particular tasting hands down; redolent with stewed Bramley apple skins, yeast, and toasted white bread. It is simply delicious. The Perrier-Jouët was a close second.
Champagne? Methode Champenoise? It doesn't matter. The final word is, just enjoy this style of wine often and in abundance.
Happy New Year!


Thud said...

Cheers to the 4 of you!

Vinomaker said...

Cheers indeed! It is difficult to imagine an inappropriate time for some wine with bubbles, including breakfast. Of course the orange juice aroma does offset some of the wonderful yeasty qualities of my favorite Cordon Rouge! Even as a winemaker, I can overlook some things. Happy New Year to all!

monkey said...

happy new year to you both and the vino dogs.