Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A blot of mustard.

This morning heralded a rather sunny but frosty start to my day at a chilly 29 degrees.  It was a very still morning so, perhaps taking advantage of a near perfect temperature differential, the hot air balloons were out en masse, floating high above the commuting Vinogirl below.
Also present in abundance, but in this instance very definitely planted on terra firma, was the mustard flowering amongst the vines.  The mustard has been blooming for about 3 weeks now already, perhaps the earliest I can ever remember, no doubt due to the little bit of rain we had in October.
With barely any traffic on the Silverado Trail it was a very pleasurable drive to work on this still rather Christmassy December morn.


Do Bianchi said...

these vignettes (pun intended) are what I like most about your blog, Viongirl... seeing the world through your eyes as you drive to work... the mustard, at once bitter and beautiful, set against the silver-lined trail on a chilly California morning...

happy New Year to you and yours (and I'm sure ya'll will drink something grand!)!

Ron Combo said...

Pruning yet Vinogirl?

Vinogirl said...

Do Bianchi: Thank you. I try to do my best to highlight the beauty of every season in the Napa Valley. However, your wonderful prose in my comment section leaves me feeling that perhaps I could do better :)
Happy New Year to you too!

Ron: Not yet, still concentrating on Christmas :)
Will you be helping your Vino-pals out with a little secateur action?

Ron Combo said...

No, too old, too cold and I have to teach!