Saturday, August 08, 2009

More veraison.

I must have been snoozing, or messing around with moths or something, the past week or so.   My Syrah is also experiencing veraison and I only noticed it this afternoon.  The Cabernet Sauvignon can't be too far behind. I probably need to start thinking about bird-netting; not one of my favourite vineyard operations, but a necessary one - especially along a tree line in the south east corner.  After all of my and Vinomakers hard work we can't just let our feathered friends get fat and happy...we want wine!


Craig Justice said...

We just finished netting our last row of Zin. Unfortunately, our birds are very happy & fat(at least those who escape from the nets, or the ones I catch and release). The Queen decided she'd rather have a clean vineyard than grapes, but that's another story. I dedicated a blog post to you. Enjoy [the brevity]:

Vinogirl said...

Thanks, I'm one has ever dedicated a blog to me, I feel quite special...and I enjoyed the brevity :)