Saturday, August 15, 2009

Main Street Reunion 2009.

The Main Street Reunion Car Show was a hit for five years then it took a five year hiatus. Returning in 2008, the show featured 400 pre-1976 cars, 99.9% of which were in pristine, rebuilt condition. Lots of chrome, lots of leather upholstery, some convertibles, some with over the top paint jobs, all of them with a lot of horsepower under the bonnet. Vroom, vroom! Oh sorry, I suppose I should call it the hood, they are after all American classics.
Vinomaker, my family, and I attended in 2008. We all had such a good time that Vinomaker and I decided it was a must-not miss event this summer. Today, we spent 3 hours admiring individual, moving monuments to the automotive heritage of the USA; the eye for design, the pride of workmanship, the quintessence of pure curb appeal. These are all qualities of a bygone era, pushed aside by the computer generated, mass-produced, indistinguishable, environmentally correct skateboards we are all driving today.
We stayed until the sweet end, when in unison, the current custodians of these vehicles (a rather large slice of Americana), unbridled their ponies and let those big bore cylinders thunder through the usually unhurried streets of downtown Napa.
On a side note: On the front page of the Napa Register today is the headline "Harvest Begins." Mumm Napa Valley and Domaine Chandon received their first Pinot noir, for sparkling wine production, yesterday. Yum! Let the grapes begin!


Thud said...

Are you trying to wind me up?

Vinogirl said...

Am I succeeding?

phlegmfatale said...

That's a grand red fin!

Affer said...

In the world of less-is-more, I think that's a GREAT photo! As phlegmfatale says, it's a grand fin - and somehow you only need that bit to know it's a great American Auto. You've been on top form recently Vinogirl!

Vinogirl said...

Phlegmfatale: I know, fab!

Affer: Thank you very much kind sir.