Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy baking.

I got a lovely surprise in the post last Thursday - a gift from my big sister, La Serenissima.  How nice.
I usually pick up the post on my way back from my afternoon promenade with V2, but there is never anything very exciting in Vinoland's mail receptacle, (the good stuff goes to our P.O. box in Napa).  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a cheery, yellow bubble-wrap envelope, that jangled when I picked it up, in the usually junk-filled box.  What could it be?  I was intrigued and could not walk quickly enough back to the house to open it.  Well, inside the package was an adorable set of grape and wine themed measuring spoons with a simple little note that said, "Happy baking!" Thanks, sis, I'll get right on that.
Funny, but I had made a mental note to myself only that morning that I needed to get a new set of measuring spoons, as, for years now, I have been using an old set belonging to Vinomaker. How could my sister have known?  A case of sibling telepathy?  Or just a happy coincidence? No matter, I just love them.
It just occurred to me that my new measuring spoons almost match my spoon ring and bracelet - how perfect.  In fact, I think the measuring spoons are so cute, I may just wear them.  But not before I have actually measured something with them.  Thanks again, La Serenissima.


Thud said...


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

I can see these in a wine photograph!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: I know!

NHW: You use a lot of good props in your photographs...I could see these, with some sweet ingredients, on a dessert wine post :)