Thursday, February 16, 2017

Suspicious activity.

Yikes!  Bud swell has been spotted in the Orange Muscat (OM) vines. Today, I happened to glance at the OM when I was passing them by, gathering my things in order to start pruning the Syrah, and wasn't sure that what I was seeing was actually the expanding OM buds rupturing their scales.  Suspicious, that something was afoot, I went and had a look-see.  Yup, on closer inspection I discovered that the OM are indeed enthused and ready to get on with vintage 2017. Early pruning will do that, sigh.
In reality, the OM are only about a week earlier than last year, and they are even a little behind schedule when compared with the 2015 vintage. Bud swell just seems early to me this year.  It is probably because, due to the rain, I feel that I am a little behind.  Prune on, Vinogirl!


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Time for the nieces to arrive and help?
The sun will soon begins its long warming solution to all that rain!
California Sun

Vinogirl said...

NHW: This may, or may not, be a surprise to you but I much prefer The Ramones version :)
Pruning yesterday afternoon was lovely: today the weather has turned gangster!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...
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Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: Do'h!

Thud said...

Daughter number 1 is working hard on learning to play that tune.