Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christmas: 2016.

I woke up to another frosty morning in Vinoland, it meant everywhere was white and very Christmassy.  Not as white and Christmassy as the morning my sister, La Serenissima, woke up to in Utah though: my brother-in-law is now busy shoveling out from behind 18 inches of 'White Christmas' personified.
Enjoy food, family, friends and the spirit of the season.  Oh, and wine.
Happy Christmas to all!


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: I trust this will be white enough: Merry Christmas

Thud said...

Seasons compliments.

Trubes said...

Hi there VG,Seasons greetings to you and your across the freezing cold pond.
I'm surprized to read you have frost, i really thought you had year round sunshine.
I do hope the frost doesn't ruin your vines?
But then, I've seen masses of vine crops
growing in Northern Italy ar.ound the peak of the Dolomite mountains.
Your team are doing ever so well, wish i could say the same for ours, mind you
they did win their last game and have gone up one place in the Premiership but
there's just a vague they may finish in the top six.
All best wishes for 2017.
Di xx

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Thank you, still enjoying frosty, Napa mornings.

Thud: Same to you!

Trubes: Thank you. I hope your Christmas season is going well. I'm just getting ready to make another batch of mince pies...Vinomaker loves them.
Northern California can get quite chilly. I think the coldest I have experienced here is temps down to 19° Fahrenheit. Of course, it gets warm in the afternoon, e.g., yesterday it got to about 62° and was too warm for a sweatshirt even.
Yes, Liverpool are doing well. Hope Everton do well also, (but not as good as Liverpool!).
Have a splendid '17!