Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bye-bye, Berlenbach Vineyards.

The end of an era.  Today, Far Niente Winery, who lease quite a bit of land in the Coombsville AVA, bulldozed out the aged Chardonnay vines at Berlenbach Vineyards.  (This is the vineyard that UC Davis were not interested in owning.)  I climbed up to the top of Vinoland and watched as a Caterpillar D6 uprooted the vines and pushed them into huge, gnarled heaps.  Always sad to see.
Later in the afternoon, when the dust had all settled, Vinodog 2 and I took a stroll up to the vineyard to have a peep at what was going on.  It's a fabulous site, the soil seems to be of great quality - a gravelly loam (no tuff, like Vinoland), with wonderful western sun exposure.  Far Niente have already had the new Chardonnay vines delivered for the replanting.  In a fenced enclosure, with shade cloth for roofing, I'd estimate that 10,000+ green-growing bench-grafts await their moment in the sun.  Vinodog 2 and I introduced ourselves - after all, we will soon be watching their development, from Vinoland, on a daily basis.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: So, the 2009 Far Niente Chardonnay I had some time ago, would you say it came from the Berlenbach Vineyards?

Thomas said...

Did they do this because the vines were old, or was there some other reason?

Vinogirl said...

NHW: No, Far Niente did not lease the Berlenbach property back then. Most likely your 2009 came from the vineyard below this (valley floor fruit).

Tomasso: I recall being told that this property was originally planted in the early 80s. The old head-trained vines looked a little sad (when I saw them up close on July 4th) and I'm sure they probably had reached the end of their productive life.

Thud said...

hot and dusty work, right up my street, meanwhile monkey and I are digging pits to try to stop garden flooding!