Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gaudete, 2014.

It's Gaudete Sunday.  Once again I am paying homage to one particular rose-coloured candle by supping a rosé wine.  This year's rosé selection is a Miner Family, 2013 Rosato of Sangiovese (Mendocino AVA).  Made using the saignée method, this medium bodied rosé is huge on red berry-cherry goodness with a little candied-tropical thing going on (Thud, think Fruit Salad) and a deep, deep pink hue.  Gorgeous.  Today, rejoice with something pink.
Sing it Maddy!


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Love the music and the photo!
I now have to prove I'm not a 'robot' to post here!

Thomas said...

A robot could come up with better eyesight than it takes to figure out the first part of the captcha.

VG: If I am missing more often than present, it's because I cannot deal with the captcha culture without feeling like I just gave over part of my life to the do no evil crowd.

I'm beginning to wonder over the "benefit" of signing in with a google account.

Thud said...

better fruit salads than black jacks.

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Thomas: Atavism? Can't blame you, but we would miss you!
More atavism? Merry Christmas :-)

Thomas said...

VG: I wouldn't put it past google to have decided that blogs are a thing of the past and so if they are treated as if they are in the past they might just go away--especially the ones that take no part in adsense.

Should I own a tinfoil hat?

Thud said...

Thomas....I have them in all sizes, only to happy to kit you out.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Glad you liked it.

Tomasso: I did a little research and apparently lots of people have complained, so Google are looking into it...whatever that means!

Thud: Yes, although aniseed can be a wine descriptor.

All three of you: Just work all of this Google stuff out amongst yourselves...