Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good neighbours?

It's not the greatest photograph, but look closely - deer damage.  Now normally I would be sympathetic towards the vineyard owner whose vines had suffered such damage.  I have had unwanted deer in Vinoland, most recently when a neighbours falling tree peeled up the deer fence and a couple of deer took advantage of the situation.  This time, however, I don't feel sympathetic at all.
To cut a long story short - a young deer has been trapped for at least 8 days in a neighbourhood vineyard.  And for most of that time, the unfortunate deer has been wandering around with a broken lower jaw, an injury undoubtedly sustained as it has tried, in vain, to jump over the fencing to freedom.  (When I first saw the deer, more than a week ago, it only had a bloody forehead.  It is unlikely that this deer will survive it's injuries.)  Several phone calls here and there, i.e. vineyard management company, winery, but as of 6 pm last night the deer was still captive.  I did not see the poor little mite today.  I am disgusted.
Deer fences are meant to keep deer out, not in.  Eight days locked inside a vineyard seems very cruel to me.  This (unnamed) winery definitely has enough resources at their disposal that they could have made this situation good as early as last Monday, but no.  They have felt it necessary to inflict ongoing, needless suffering on one of God's good creatures.  Add to that extremely poor neighbour relations and a distinct disregard for the stewardship of the land.  I certainly won't be buying their wine ever again.


Thomas said...

I believe Renee Des Cartes once wrote that the best reason we should be against cruelty to animals is because of what being cruel does to us.

About Last Weekend said...

Oh deer and they are such storybook creatures too aren't they, they've become way too domesticated, its a shame

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Thomas: Nicely said!

Trubes said...

That is so sad and cruel.
I understand now, when you mentioned about your neighbours, in my previous post about neighbours, lets hope the poor little creature has died without further suffering. I would certainly report them to The Animal Welfare rights or similar.
On a lighter note I've put up a foodie post, hope you enjoy it.
I do hope you're not too upset VG I will say a little prayer for the poor animal..
love Di.x

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Thanks, I like that quotette.

ALW: Storybook, a la Bambi? Yes, but with no real natural predators around here their numbers keep increasing and they often find themselves in less than ideal situations, unfortunately.

NHW: Thanks, but I'd have preferred not to have to have said it.

Trubes: Thanks Di, but it's been a few days now and no siting of the deer in aforementioned vineyard. In fact, when I was walking V2 this evening a young buck, with a rather unusual, at a distance, looking bottom lip was sheltering under a neighbour's motorhome (it was 92°F today). I hope it was the vineyard deer because it means he survived :) Haven't heard anything to the contary.

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