Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter rain.

It started to rain this afternoon, sigh...
I shouldn't complain, it has been a spectacular winter so far.  We haven't had any heavy rain since Thanksgiving.  There were two minor rain events in December, each no more than mere tenths of an inch, but that was it.  Napa has been basking in glorious sunshine, under heavenly blue skies and springlike temperatures, for weeks now.  It's been great.
Unfortunately, there are consequences to such fantastic, yet uncharacteristic, winter weather.  There has been no snow up in Lake Tahoe (and I do feel for the ski resort operators) and, from a viticultural perspective, the pathetic, non-existent growth of vineyard cover crops.  
Normally this time of the year one would expect vineyard cover crops to be perhaps knee high, but the poor cover crop in the above photograph looks like it's been napalmed.  Cover-cropping is not an exact science and the successful germination of a cover crop is entirely dependent on the timing of the first autumn rains. Napa had early rains last year, but we haven't had any rain since to sustain vigorous growth.  
I'm glad I didn't plant a cover crop this winter.


About Last Weekend said...

The rain was utterly torrential last night - very comforting for me but not for everyone...Kevin took two of the kids up to Tahoe and it was raining up there too!

Vinogirl said...

I know, it was very strange that Tahoe didn't get much snow Friday daytime, but they are doing better now.
V2 is petrified of the wind and climbed up on my knee for comfort.

Affer said...

That is such a surreal looks like people standing by a barbed wire fence.

Trish @ Mums Gone To... said...

So the crop has been Napa-lmed (sorry, couldn't resist it!)

Vinogirl said...

Affer: Albeit old, wizened people

Trish: I can't believe I missed that...good eye!