Thursday, May 13, 2010

A miner whine.

Speaking of miners...Bolognese for dinner tonight, which always calls for something Italian. Vinomaker came up from the cellar with this domestic offering, a 2005 Sangiovese from Miner Family Vineyards.
Miner Family is one of my favourite wineries in the valley. I generally enjoy their wines which, amongst others, include a Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet sauvignon, a luscious Viognier, and a rather appealing rosato of Sangiovese (a saignée). However, this wine was a little disappointing. Maybe it was a bit old, the fruit had a distinct stewed character, and it was a touch over-oaked. But, it wasn't bad: the acidity did pair well with the sauce. It's just that it's always a tad frustrating when one drinks something that doesn't live up to expectations.


Thomas said...

Well, thus far, I have yet to be impressed by a Sangiovese from Napa...of course, I haven't tried them all yet, I don't think.

Weston said...

Drunk 2004 Brunello's mmmm so good

Vinogirl said...

Thomas: Well, they seldom resemble the Italian style, but I do believe 'Flora Springs' produce a decent offering.

Weston: Did you pair it with any particular food?

Weston said...

it was paired with other 04 Brunellos lol, they were at a tasting to expensive to buy up here, going to oregon end of june bought some from the states half price, then Ill let you know what I pair em with~ Maybe some nice duck and paste or something yeah hmmm some herbs yeah sounds good

Do Bianchi said...

@Vinogirl first of all, please share your recipe for your Bolgonese!

secondly, the next time you make Bolognese, if you invite Tracie P and me, we will bring the Lambrusco (traditional pairing).

thirdly, must concur with @Thomas: I've never been impressed by Sangiovese grown in California (and believe, a lot of folks ask me to taste them!). I'll look for Flora Springs.