Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good wood.

Today I started to prune. Finally! Vinomaker probably thought I was never going to get started.
I didn't prune a lot, I had school in the morning after all. I did all of our Orange muscat and a few of our Syrah vines. Even though I procrastinate every year, once I get started I thoroughly enjoy myself.
I love the decision making involved in pruning. Each vine presents a different challenge. I stand back, assess the plants vigour from the previous season, and prune accordingly. Each vine is an individual. Each vine demands that I recognise its potential. Each vine rewards me at harvest time.
You can see in the picture above that the pruned wood of the two vines look different. The redder wood is the Orange muscat. Vines also vary in the hardness of the wood. For instance, I always get blisters when I prune Cabernet sauvignon vines. Cab wood is so hard in comparison to other varietals.
In the picture you can see some powdery mildew scarring on the Syrah wood. A sign that our sulphur protocol may need adjusting this year. Furthermore, you can see that I didn't lose any fingers, at least not this time.


Lord Roby said...

Are you sure you didn't lose a digit.I can't see the tip of your pinky.Can you?

Thud said...

lord roby...Vinogirl probably has two fingers directed at you!

phlegmfatale said...

Looks like good work!

Ron Combo said...

Really interesting post, especially about Orange Muscat. Thank you. Now the snow's almost gone all the old boys are pruning away like billy-oh here in Piedmont. Ah, the Spring!

Craig Justice said...

As you finish pruning, the great wave of bud break has begun in San Diego -- it's more than just the first pops of pop corn this time -- the buds are emerging from their caccoons, first here, then next Santa Barbara, then next Lodi, Paso Robles and all the way to your vineyard, then the wave keeps going up the north coast to Oregon, then Washington. Bluey brought me a gopher this morning. It's been a good day here. Wishing you the same.

Vinogirl said...

Good to hear of your bud break. Hopefully it won't appear here too soon as I am dreadfully far behind with my pruning. Pinot grigio is finished (very small block) on to the Syrah!