Sunday, November 02, 2008

Have your cake and drink it too!

Never say never. Just when I thought harvest 2008 was over, Vinomaker decided he wanted to make a late harvest Zinfandel. Ho hum!
The day began with Vinomaker and I barreling down a batch of Syrah. Then, we processed the aforementioned late harvest Zinfandel, (from a friend's vineyard). And finally, we pressed off our own Cabernet sauvignon, which had fermented to dry, and is now settling for 24 hours before it is barreled down. It is a distinct pleasure to sit down and enjoy a bottle of wine, (especially one that you have vinted yourself), but there is a lot that goes on between vine and glass that most people don't get to see. For instance, disposing of the cake, (above picture). The 'leftovers' of wine production include a lot of skins and seeds which need to be dealt with. They make a fantastic soil conditioner and are no doubt a source of food for many an insect, flying or otherwise. Overall it was a good day for wine making and the environment...that includes happy Vinodogs with purple feet, I kid you not!


Thud said...

Put a couple of the late harvest zins to one side please!

Vinomaker said...

You might have mentioned that even if nobody takes the cake to make grappa, it does not go to waste. It gets spread out on the ground in a remote part of a vineyard to decompose or is sent to a recycling facility. The alcohol evaporates and the nutrients are extracted for reconditioning the soil which can be redistributed around the vines or other plants. So we get to drink the red wine and the red grapes become a green food. So, please drink more wine for the sake of ecology!

Fred Fibonacci said...

You could always send the cake to one R. Combo, Ligurian muse, not long for this world etc etc. Give him something to look forward to.

Vinogirl said...

Thud, you know you are welcome to anything in the cellar.

Vinomaker, you just reminded me we missed yet another Grappa opportunity.

Fred, I know of a winery that sends their cake to Italy, supposedly, where it is processed into grapeseed oil for a fine cosmetic line. Does Mr. Combo have a job on the side?

Ron Combo said...

Vinogirl, why don't you make some CalGrappa with the cake? I'm pretty sure it would be a first and in a couple of years vinomaker would end up in the same state I am.