Monday, December 31, 2018

See ya, 2018.

No messing around this New Year's Eve, Vinomaker and I planned on simply imbibing in our two favourite Champagnes.  The Widow is undoubtedly my go-to non-vintage bubbly, whilst the Cordon Rouge is most definitely Vinomaker's.  Sometimes it's good to stick with the tried-and-tested.
Vinomaker decided to blind-taste me on the two wines: nailed it.  Not that it mattered, I then proceeded in drinking equal amounts of each tipple.  It is no secret that I love bubbles.
The year 2018 is now history.  I'm hoping 2019 is the fabulous future.
A Happy New Year to all!


Thud said...

In the words of somebody...lets hope its a good one.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Most unlike you to quote a Communist :) :) :) But yes, I hope 2019 is great for all.

Thud said...

Yes, but he's a good commie....dead!