Sunday, September 11, 2016

Berry close.

These Pinot grigio grapes are cuddled up and squished very close to each other.  They are also very close to being harvested.  Vinomaker tasted a few berries this morning and then requested that I collect some grapes for him to test.  A quick 100 berry sample later, the Pinot grigio's vital statistics are; 25.6°B, a pH of 3.4 and a TA of 7.4.  It appears that they are good to go.
The weather has cooled down considerably the past two days and it's suddenly feeling quite autumn-like.  I am glad that it has cooled down, (though, it has been quite chilly at breakfast the past couple of mornings), as it will buy me a little bit of time to get things organised for picking. Never a dull moment.


Thomas said...

Although I'd prefer slightly more acidity and slightly less sugar, the stats certainly scream "harvest".

When you select for sampling, do you go thorugh various rows, stick your arm out without aiming, and take berries from high to low on the wires?

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Top, bottom, middle, east, west, both clones...try to cover it all.