Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fresh and fizzy.

And speaking of Vinho Verde.  I just recently tried, what was for me, a new Vinho Verde.  The Broadbent, NV Vinho Verde (DOC), was a very nice tipple for $5.99 - fresh, bright, lemony-limey with a hint of Golden Delicious apple - I really enjoyed it with grilled salmon.
Eponymously named after Bartholomew Broadbent, son of English wine critic Michael Broadbent, this Vinho Verde is produced from Loureiro, Trajadura and Arinto grapes sourced from contract growers.  I purchased this wine, on sale, in a local supermarket for $5.70 a week ago - I noticed today that it was $6.99.  Is it worth it?  Yes, and no.  I can procure a bottle of Gazela Vinho Verde for $3.99 in a different supermarket and it is actually a slightly better wine, so I'm going to stick with the Gazela, (as every time I drink it I am reminded of how much I like it).  The Broadbent was very nice though.


New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vinho Verde in NH seems to be over priced; the Broadbent is $9.99, and the cheapest other is $6.30.

Thomas said...

Gazela V.V. is one of the great values in wine. It is my aperetif while I cook: a few ounces of Gazela and some seltzer make these humid 90 degree F. days bearable, and often bareable too!

Dennis, those New Hampshire prices are robbery.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: The list price in the supermarket say $10.99 (I think), but it never sells that high.

Tomasso: If I buy 6 Gazela at once the bottle price goes down to $3.59, a bargain!
Got to 101° here last Monday, but a pretty dry heat, just a little humidity from Hurricane Blanca.

Thomas said...

When Johnny Carson moved from NY to LA he complained about the LA heat but was told yeah, but it's dry heat. His repsonse: oven heat is dry too...but it still cooks.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Yes, but I'd rather be crispy than soggy!

Thomas said...

VG: when I lived in Tehran, the thing I love most was the dry, desert heat (that, and the Riesling).