Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh. Thank. God!

My viticultural-lifeline has not been severed.  I had been afraid that with the retirement of Dr. Stephen Krebs, director of the viticulture programme at Napa Valley College (NVC) and guru of all things grapey, that I would be ever deprived of the opportunity to pick a real-life viticultural-legend.  When left with only the internet, my (albeit extensive) coursework notes and my modest library of reference books, what would a Vinogirl do, for the love of Bacchus, when faced with some hitherto unfamiliar pruning perplexity?  Panic, probably.  Even last summer I had the occasion to run over to the 'Ag Lab' (Dr. K's domain) to seek guidance from the good man himself on some clonal considerations for a bit of replanting I was doing.
Thankfully, Dr. Krebs has decided to continue working, part-time, in the industry as a consultant: his services will no doubt be in great demand.  An email blast from Dr. K, on December 30th, let everyone know of his intentions to stay involved with the industry he clearly views as a true vocation, not just a job.
A letter in yesterday's Napa Valley Register lauds Dr. K's skills whilst at NVC rather as "gifts," and I couldn't agree more.  Those gifts will make it extremely difficult for NVC to find his replacement as programme coordinator.  I can't think of another individual who is more respected in this valley. 
I feel I was gifted the invaluable experience of having completed an A.S. Degree in Viticulture under the guidance of Dr. Krebs.  And now, blessed to have not been left up pruning creek without a paddle.


Thud said...

Dr Krebs....the villain from a b movie?

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Ha, does sound a bit like that doesn't it? A la Vincent Price's Dr. Phibes :)

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Guru-VG: So good of you to show your appreciation/admiration! With so much ingratitude going around like a flu, the mental/spiritual health of grace is in short supply!
Gleaning from your posts are a great hobby of mine!

Thomas said...

We had a great restaurant in this region that was named Krebs, and it was situated in a Victorian building that heightened the conjuring.

VG: someday, you'll have to cut the knot...go on; you can do it.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Glean away, Vinosleuth.

Tomasso: No! Never! Dr. Krebs is just too valuable as a resource for me and, I'm guessing, for everyone that was fortunate enough to benefit from his tutelage.