Sunday, January 25, 2015

Early pruning.

This is the earliest I have ever started to prune the grapevines.  The weather has just been so nice, low 60s, warm sunshine, that I thought I'd get an early that I can panic later!  The ground must still be cold though because the vines were not bleeding from the wounds so they are not yet drawing up water.  With no rain forecast for at least a week, the wounds should dry out quite nicely (and be safe from airborne infection).   
I love pruning, it never gets old for me.  Making pruning decsions that determine this year's, and next year's, crop is thought provoking and an awful lot of fun. 


About Last Weekend said...

Its cold but dry here in Oakland. Feel sorry for the people up in Tahoe but good for you guys it sounds?

Vinogirl said...

ALW: You're not that far away from Napa, it's the same weather conditions here.
I feel sorry for the ski resort operators also, everybody desperately needs rain. Hopefully this drought won't last as long as the late 80s - early 90s seven year long one. I think in 1990 Napa had 23 inches in the month of March and that was it.