Friday, November 01, 2013

Selección Victoria.

In 2009, according to the Napa County Ag Commissioner, there were only 302 producing acres of Malbec growing in the entire county.  Malbec, more famous nowadays for it's success in Argentina, is not a widely produced single varietal wine in Napa, although there are a few notable producers, including Antinori and St. Supéry.  This particular Malbec, the Herrera, 2009 Selección Victoria, is perhaps the best of any domestic Malbec I have tasted.  I don't know where these grapes were sourced, I just wish more had been sourced  as only 65 cases of this delicious were produced.
Made by winemaker Rolando Herrera, and named after one of his daughters, this Malbec was full bodied with the deepest purple hue, nicely balanced acidity, bold, but silky tannins and a persistent, moreish finish.  A purple-plummy-raspberryness was followed by the suggestion of blackberries - the floral-perfumey character one gets when one passes by a bramble patch loaded with overly ripe berries - then there was the velvety vanilla vibe that just didn't let go of my taste buds.  Yum! 
Unfortunately, the bottle was only a 375 ml and it disappeared quickly, but not to worry it was sufficient.  And the wine paired well with my Jack-o-Lantern shaped pepperoni pizza (a tradition in these parts).  I'm all about high-end food and wine pairings me.  Double yum!


New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vinogirl said: "moreish finish." Not enough?
And: "I'm all about high-end food and wine pairings me." Pizza is high-end? Don't get me wrong, it is for me, but I'm making an assumption that it's not for most people. I've been waiting to open a bottle of Tom Eddy Malbec; have you tasted this winery's Malbec?
I found this to be an extremely interesting post.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Moreish...made me want to drink more.
A $7.00 novelty-shaped pepperoni pizza is not high-end? Wish someone had told me that before I wrote about it...sheesh!
Tom Eddy, no, but I'm waiting to read your review.
Interesting? That's an interesting word.