Thursday, February 28, 2013

A great Pinot Grigio.

I am so glad that the folks at Gargiulo allowed me to buy some of this wonderful wine before it's official release.  It's really nice, easy to drink and, I believe, it undeniably expresses the fantastic alluvial soil  in which the grapes are grown.  Medium-bodied, complex, floral, with relatively low alcohol (13.1%), this wine is very quaffable.  Even though it is perhaps made more in the lighter Italian Pinot grigio style, as opposed to  the more robust French Pinot gris manner, it is packaged in an Alsatian-style bottle. Still, this wine displays another, unmistakable note - it is bestowed with a sun-drenched  kiss which is, indisputably, the gift of the warm California sun.
Just love it!


New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vino-sales-girl; I'll buy a case!

Thomas said...

Yes, another fine description.

One question, however: is the sun only warm in California???

Thomas said...

Screwed that one up, too.

Is the sun warm only in California?

"only" is the most misplaced word in our mutual language.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Funny thing is, I don't know how much I paid for it, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford a whole case.

Tomasso: Yes, I'll even be more specific...these grapes were kissed by the warm Oakville sun :)
Oakville has the greatest diurnal/nocturnal temperature range of anywhere in the Napa Valley. These large temperature fluctuations are the main reason that Vitis vinifera can thrive here in the first place. In tandem with the San Francisco Bay fog, of course, these dramatic temperature variations (it can be really chilly here on a typical midsummer night) are constantly regulating the rate of photosynthesis and respiration in the leaf and berries of Vitis vinifera. Thus ensuring that the resulting wine is indeed 'baisers ensoleilles'.
Besides, when I wrote this post, I'd just watched a car commercial with The Ramones version of 'California Sun' as it's soundtrack and I'm a very impressionable person.
As for the word "only", I only misplace it when the grammar police aren't watching and I think I can get away with it!

Thud said...

The Ramones version of the tune confirms that California sun is the warmest indeed.