Thursday, August 18, 2011

The fruit of a different vine.

My first, and only, ripe tomato of the season.
Persistant cool temperatures in northern California are not helping with the ripening of my tomatoes. It's a shame because this year's crop looks to be bountiful, but nothing is happening. Now, where did I put that fried green tomato recipe?
I certainly won't be seeing fruit ripening through October like I did in 2008 (the last real summer here), when the nights were seasonably cool, but the days were still in the low 80s.
At least this tomato is not sporting a freakish horn and will eventually make its way into a salad. It seems to be perfectly formed - except that it is supposed to be a cherry tomato and is 3 times bigger than any of its siblings on the same stalk. Overachiever? Mutant? It matters not, as this may be the only tomato that ripens in Vinoland this summer.


Thomas said...

In the "rub it in" department: been eating our tomatoes for two weeks already, and cooking with the paste varieties.

Sliced tomato, basil leaves, grated Grana Padano cheese, olive oil, and white pepper--all on a baguette.

Did someone say heaven?

Lord Roby said...

The last real summer here was 1976.
Count your blessings,not your tomatoes.PTL!

About Last Weekend said...

Yes, I'm going to try the tomatoe rub-its. Am now off to Healdsburg so will be thinking of your while I sip in the vines...

Leon Stolarski said...

I now have a glut of wonderful cherry tomatoes from my greenhouse. Cutting down a flowering cherry tree that was blocking the sun worked wonders. I have loads of peppers too, though I'm beginning to wonder whether they will ever turn red/yellow, whatever. Definitely feels like autumn now, though, with heavy dew most mornings. Another "summer" gone by without many barbeque opportunities. :-(

monkey said...

ha great pic,nice colour. i hate to think how our toms are getting on. i do hope the workies have at least thought about throwing some water on them while we have been away.

Ron Combo said...

It's been a tomato disaster for me here in Italy. God's will I presume. Better luck next year.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas: You're mean, but your sandwich sounds nice :) What wine did you pair with it?

LR: A ripe tomato this summer would be indeed a blessing!

ALW: Enjoy Healdsburg, nice town.

Leon: Green houses usually not necessary in California, but now I'm reconsidering. Autumn in the air, already?

Monkey: At least all your spuds will have had plenty of water from Mother Nature.

Ron: Two years of poor tomato weather here in a row...sheesh!