Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Day.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle.
I am finished with school not just for the summer, but forever. I will be taking a class for fun next semester, but I have completed a Viticulture degree at Napa Valley College and any other classes I take will not involve riotous amounts of studying or stress-inducing examinations.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Vinomaker for putting up with me; through 2 semesters of Algebra, a politically charged English class and a loathsome, but mandatory, Gender Studies course (I nearly threw in the towel over that one!)
Now, I am feeling just ducky!


monkey said...

congratulations from tenbellies and i, we will have a drink to celebrate in a few weeks.
what next? a doctor of the vine maybe? that would be cool.

Vinomaker said...

That makes two of us Vinogirl, feeling just ducky that is. Congratulations on sticking with some really tedious topics! Now you can put that viticulture knowledge to work doing something that interests you!

Vinogirl said...

Thank you Monkey and, of course,'s a relief more than anything :)
Now to make Vinoland's grapes sweeter.

Do Bianchi said...

congrats Vinogirl! that's awesome!

Thud said...

Aristotle who? ha!....congrats little for a great summer.

Kristi Davis - Grotto Cellars said...

Cheers! That is fantastic, congrats!

Affer said...

I've done the mature student ain't easy. And I teach 'em! So a heartfelt WELL DONE!

Weston said...

nice, ahh so thats where Gender Studies applies to real life eh in the wine business!

Congratz, to celebrate you'll be tying down those vines? or is that already done lol

Thomas said...

Congratulations Vinogirl.

Algebra, English and gender that the basis for biodynamic viticulture these days?

I know that you have some summer reading to do...

Jamie Goode said...

well done
that gender studies course sounds nasty
you've jumped through the hoops though

Vinogirl said...

2B: Thank you so much.

Thud: Let's have a bottle of something great when you get here.

Kristi: Thanks.

Affer: It was indeed easier when I was 18!

Weston: Don't chef's have to study female soft-cell crabs and stuff?

Thomas: Are you suggesting I study astronomy next? I think I need to get to that pile of books that have been calling my name since March.

Jamie: I am still reeling from some of the nonsense the instructor came out with. The college system here requires you do a lot of stuff that we in England have to have already completed in secondary school...otherwise we don't get to go to college. It's a very different system here.

Lord Roby said...

Congratulations on your 'gradual graduation'.It's so much tougher when you have so many other demands on your time.I used to work with a guy doing a part-time degree who took his text books on his honeymoon!! Way back in '82,I swore I had had enough of academia.And only for a brief spell learning about business,which I thoroughly enjoyed,I've been true to my word.
After all these years you can now officially call yourself a batchelor???

Vinogirl said...

No M'Lord, I'm still a girl!