Wednesday, March 31, 2010

F***ing deer!

I don't swear, so I have resorted to using the old asterisk routine to convey my utter consternation at a rather unfortunate event that has occurred in Vinoland.
Yesterday morning, Vinomaker gave me a bit of a start when he all of a sudden let out a somewhat alarming roar. I looked out of the window only to see a whole herd of deer nonchalantly strolling by, unchallenged by my trusty Vinodogs who were still slumbering (it was only 6.45 am after all.) Well, after donning our wellies and opening all the gates to Vinoland, Vinomaker and I managed to usher the long-legged rodents out into the greater Napa Valley. We left the Vinodogs indoors otherwise mayhem would have ensued, but Vinodog 2 could be seen standing up at a window intently watching the proceedings. It seems that the tick-infested ruminants had entered over a fence, which has partially collapsed because of the heavy rains in January, that crosses the southern end of the creek that flows through Vinoland. Drat!
It didn't rain today as forecast, so I actually got some pruning done. It was only when I had finished and was making my way back up to the house for dinner that I noticed that something was rotten in the Orange muscat block.
Look at what those despicable creatures did to my babies: the vines look like they have been napalmed! I turned away from the devastation totally dejected because I thought we had escaped catastrophe, only to see that my rose bushes had all been given a crew cut by those awful animals.
Poet Robert Frost once quipped, "Good fences make good neighbours." The fence will be repaired, but someone should mention that little adage to those S.O.B. deer.


Thud said...

I'm with the above post....kamikaze the little bastards.

Cherished By Me said...

We have the same problem...nice to look at but so destructive.

monkey said...

Thud and i will be there in the summer, we will set to fixxing the fence while vinomaker dusts off the rifles and we can have ourselves a deer BBQ. followed by some fine vino

Vinogirl said...

Thud: The deer have no predators around here...a Kamikaze pilot may be just what we need to check their ever increasing population.

Nova: Thanks for visiting Vinsanity. Yes, the bambis are cute to look at in the spring but they grow up into vine chomping adults.

Monkey: What wine goes with venison? I may just have to make that a post on Vinsanity :)