Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can spring be far behind?

No, in fact spring is just a few hours away. Of course, these Pinot gris and Syrah buds seem to think the vernal equinox has already arrived. I can forgive them their mistake, we have had spectacular 80/81 degree temperatures the past couple of days. Even the trees in Vinoland are bursting with baby leaves giving them a green, fuzzy hue from afar and don't get me started on how tall the grass is. However, trees and grass are not in the least threatened by spring frost, but grapevines are. My promiscuous grapevines, with their casual attitude towards frost, might be in for a rude awakening.


Vinomaker said...

Frost will certainly make an appearance within the coming month, and particularly in our small micro-climate situated between two ridges. Although the duration can be short, neither the new buds nor I tolerate it well. After all of our efforts to nurture these little wine grape factories, seeing them atrophy and fall off can be quite disheartening. Fortunately the vines do not hold a grudge and quickly regenerate fresh new tissue to get on with their purpose. I only wish I could do the same as easily these days. Mother nature continually offers lessons for human consideration.

The villager: said...

It must make you ultra-aware of the seasons amidst those vines, Vinogirl.

Weston said...

sounds like Vancouver Canada beat ya to spring! during the olympics Cherry Blossoms were out, hell I swear I saw some Roses out lol