Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not more grapes.

Here she is, Vinodog 1, acting as usual in her supervisory capacity.  She is never too far away, (unlike Vinodog 2 who is usually off somewhere doing her own thing), she is always just close enough to keep an eye on me.  At one point though, when they were both nearby, I do think I heard them discussing why the bi-ped wasn't grafting the rootstocks over to something useful like dog biscuits instead of stupid grapes.  I'd better watch my back whilst I'm bending over, there may be a 'Canine Mutiny'.


Joe Roberts said...

Very regal!

Of course, when my dog strikes that pose, it's just his way of saying "huh?" ;-)

Vinogirl said...

Regal...hmmm...must be the English heritage. She nows a thing or two about viticulture does that one.