Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And they're off.

Today marked the official start of the 2008 harvest for Vinomaker.  After a ceremonial clip of some Pinot grigio, I was off to work and Vinomaker was left to process the aforementioned Pinot grigio, some Semillon (pictured above) and a very small amount of Orange muscat, alone.  I needn't have felt bad.  Vinomaker had a fine old time of it, revelling in the wonder which is white wine production (ultimately more challenging than red), and conjuring up chemistry, formulae and procedure from the previous year.  Chefs work their magic several times a day, brewers a few times a week, winemakers get one shot a year.  Better get it right Vinomaker, tasters are waiting.


Lord Roby said...

That's easy for you to say.Us Peers of the realm, rarely, if ever get to work our magic.Spare us a thought. 'Peer of the Realm' dont mean I'm landed gentry guv.It just means I can pee higher that most mere mortals!!

monkey said...

There is apple trees and pears to be plucked in the garden but the weather has prevented me so.
I do hope its not too cold for vinomaker.

Thud said...

sod that white stuff...get the bloody cab franc right!....only thing that makes dark nights here bearable.