Friday, February 03, 2017

True Wine Lover 18.

Rain stopped pruning.  Sigh.  So retreat indoors I did and amused myself with a bit of light reading.
George Edward Bateman Saintsbury, was an English writer and scholar. But he was also somewhat of  a wine expert who possessed a rather extensive wine collection.  Published in 1920, Notes on a Cellar-Book is really a book about an inventory; a detailed list, written in a simple exercise book, of the contents of Saintsbury's wine cellar - and the memories of all the wines, beers and spirits Saintsbury had consumed over his lifetime.  And he had consumed a lot.  Surely Saintsbury was a devoted, true lover of wine to go to all that bother of inventorying his cellar.  And his mind.
It's an interesting read, very English, very English (he rails against Prohibition in the U.S.) and indispensable to anybody who wants to know how to keep whiskey and brandy in barrels in one's own cellar. (I mean, why wouldn't one?) George Saintsbury, whilst waxing lyrical about the wonder that is wine, once remarked, "...vintage wine, one of the most perfect of nature's products".  Hear, hear!


Thud said...

There is nothing like an interesting read on a rainy day......and that's nothing like an interesting read!.....Frankie Howard lives on.

New Hampshire Wineman said...

VG: Proof the prof was right about wine: He being a precise and prolific penman; others his age were petrified while he was well preserved.

Thud: One wines it the other wings it! Yea, yea, do I hear a hear, hear?

Sorry for the early morning musing!

Thud said...

Nicely done Dennis.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Groan! Frankie's spinning in his grave.

NHW: Phew! You boys just chat amongst yourselves.