Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rain stopped play.

Today was the day that the new Oakville Crossroad bridge, the bridge that makes it possible to reach Highway 29 from the Silverado Trail, was supposed to be completed.  I say supposed because, (like anything to do with government it seems), the bridge is not yet finished.  Shocker! Closed due to a small 4.1 earthquake that occurred on May 21st of last year, this was the first time I had driven up close to the bridge since the day before the temblor struck.  So, for the past 8 months, if I had had the sudden urge to treat myself to a latte, or a $15.00 bar of chocolate from the Oakville Grocery, I would have had had to endure an almost 17 mile round trip instead of the usual 3 miles.
Citing rainy weather (damn you, El Niño), the Napa County Public Works Department has said it needs several consecutive dry days so that it can finish striping the lanes, etc.  The new opening day, for the $5.2 million bridge, has yet to be announced.  Sigh.
I am thinking, perhaps, that if a few English workies had been on this particular construction project that the Oakville Crossroad bridge would have been finished on time.  If the English continually had to wait for rainy weather to be absent for several days on end we'd never get anything built.  Thud recently finished building this Gothic cottage.  There was no playing around, Thud built his bothy come rain or shine.


Thud said...

True and I've the arthritis to prove it! mad dogs and Englishmen come out in the mid day ....rain? erm!

New Hampshire Wineman said...

$15.00 bar of chocolate? Was it made out of a Starmount Cabernet? Not an everyday treat, no doubt.
When I was eight years old, the Army Corps of engineers built a twenty mile stretch of interstate 93 in approximately 2 years, now it takes the state 20 years to fix 2 miles of the same highway!
Thud has become a hero (for more than one day) to me too! You rock Thud! Praying that you rock longer than David Bowie!

Thud said...

Ha! very topical Dennis.

Thomas said...

VG and Dennis: you two have never heard the word "padding"?

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Thomas: Padding is supposed make for a soft landing, but it too often means inconvenienced or worse.
As for a very good everyday table wine, yesterday's RedWine was very affordable!

Thomas said...

Dennis:: I agree. Antico is a value wine..

Vinogirl said...

Thud: It is true that having reliable sunshine makes everything easier (or just more enjoyable). And less painful!

NHW: The Oakville Grocery carries some ridiculously priced items, the least of which is expensive chocolate.

Tomasso: The county is running out of "padding" - I have it on good authority that the bridge will reopen Thursday 21st.