Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cheap and cheerful.

Was this wine cheap?  Yes, at $3.99 this Vinho Verde may just qualify as the cheapest bottle of wine I have purchased this year.  Was it cheerful?  Absolutely, it's lively spritziness definitely put a smile on my face.  Attracted by the colourful label, I was pleasantly surprised by this non-vintage, fun wine.  Nice flavours of lime, green apple and pear, and low alcohol (9%), made this a very quaffable tipple. 
I've always liked Vinho Verde, it says summer to me.  Hailing from northern Portugal, Vinho Verde is not an actual grape variety: rather, this green wine is produced from several different grape varieties, e.g. Arinto, Azal, Loureiro, and Trajadura (amongst others).  Fresh and fruity, this bottle of Gazela was alright, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.  There are just too many other Vinho Verdes out in the world to try.


New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vinogirl, you've described my experience with Vinho Verde beautifully, but I usually pay about $6, still a very good deal.

Thomas said...

Gazela has been my summer drink for a number of years. Throughout the season I always have a case on hand.

I like it with a dash of seltzer to sip while I cook dinner.

Here, it is listed at $4.49, but since I always buy by the case, I get it at the real price of $4.

Dennis, at that price, are you getting Gazela or some other brand?

Vinogirl said...

NHW & Tomasso: I bought the Vinho Verde on sale. I looked today and it seems that the regular price is $5.99.
I noticed that the supermarket has a new batch in. The bottles on the shelf now have a green screwcap instead of the black one on the one I purchased...I may have to buy another. I lied.

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Thomas: Arca Nova 2011 Vinho Verde, $6.30-$8.75
Quinta De Azevedo 2009 Vinho Verde, $7.64-$10.99.

At the price you guys are purchasing Gazela Vinho Verde, I'll have to start looking for it:-)

Thomas said...

Dennis: I've tried many Vinho Verde, including the ones you note. Some are slightly more interesting than Gazela, but since I drink the wine for a more free-flowing reason--as refreshment--I don;t need it to be contemplative. Gazela refreshes and is priced right.

Vinogirl: I've never seen Gazela int his market beyond $5/bottle. Maybe the price is rising.

Of course, now that the black cap is a green one, the change might signal a price boost.

Thomas said...

Oh, I should also warn that Vinho Verde is a regional wine appellation. It comes in white, red, and rose (with an accent over the e).

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Yes, I saw that Gazela also produces a rosé, I think I saw it in Cost Plus for $6.99. I might have to try it.
I'm assuming your Gazela has the black screwcap also then?

(é = Alt+130)

Thomas said...

Yes, it does.