Wednesday, June 19, 2013

True Wine Lover 14.

Whilst sitting in Heathrow, waiting for my flight back to San Francisco, and feeling a little sorry for my already-homesick-self, it was nice to see a familiar face smiling at me from a page in The Daily Mail. 
It escapes me right now how I first came across the 'Knackered Mothers' Wine Club' blog: writer Helen McGinn may have commented on Vinsanity first and I simply, and nosily, followed the link to her blog.  I'm glad I did, I really like how she writes, both style and content.  Apparently, lots of other people do too.  Ms. McGinn has been receiving a ton of well deserved recognition and critical acclaim of late, the accolades have been coming fast and furious.  Helen is a Brit who worked for a long time as a wine buyer for a supermarket chain.  She is a busy mother of three who finds time to be a columnist in a daily newspaper (see photograph above), regularly updates her blog, and has just recently released her first book, The Knackered Mothers' Wine Club.  With all this activity going on, she still finds time to answer comments on her blog, which most bloggers who achieve some measure of success fail to do.  No wonder she's so knackered!
I have never met Ms. McGinn (then again, I have never met any of my TWLs), but this particular knackered-mother is one of my True Wine Lovers because I am convinced she is the genuine article, i.e., truly a wine lover.  And our paths may never cross, but I wanted to acknowledge that Ms. McGinn unwittingly did me a favour when she smiled up at me from the page of a tabloid.  I smiled back.  Thank you Helen.


Unknown said...

I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES! Thank you, kind Vinogirl. And if anyone is the real deal, it's you - you make the stuff! Hugs x

Thud said...

she shops at Tesco and!

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Too few Vinogirls, too few Knackered Mothers making it all real!

Thomas said...

I'm assuming that this American knows exactly what the word "knacker" means. I haven't a clue if I'm correct in my assumption, but the context makes it seem correct.

When time permits, I'll get over to the knackered blog and find out.

Vinogirl said...

KM: That would be my bearded-husband who makes the stuff, not me:)
Thanks again.

Thud: Yes, just like you.

NHW: Just trying to keep it in perspective...there are people who love wine, then there are wine-lovers :)

Tomasso: Meaning really tired...from 'Knacker's Yard' a place where old horses got to be, er, recycled!

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vinogirl said: NHW: Just trying to keep it in perspective...there are people who love wine, then there are wine-lovers :)

I'm thinking there is a nuance here that I'm trying to get my hands around, and I'd say that cause the subtle difference seems rather large.

If I were to guess, it seems an element of degree, intensity, passion, and, if true, would that apply to you, and maybe another mythical character, lets say Miles and his gum-chewing friend in "Sideways"?

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Perhaps I should have used the word like, not just the word love. There are folks who like wine as a drink and are intrigued and fascinated by it, indeed their passion is palpable. But then there are those who love wine as an intrinsic part of their very existence and seek to incorporate wine into everything they do. I think of myself as somewhere in the middle, as I could quite happily farm wine grapes without ever touching the finished product...I really like a glass of wine, but I am bordering on the obsessive when it comes to the vines themselves.

phlegmfatale said...

This is a beautiful post. It's such a gift when something inspires and transports you from the stress of a moment (like travel). I'm not stressed out (I just finished canning some amaretto cherries!), but now in smiling at both of you.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm. Now I'm smiling. Dad burned iPhone.

Vinogirl said...

Phlegmmy: Helen McGinn certainly cheered me up, wasn't stressed, just sad.
Funny, my brain read your IN as I'M...had to look really close to spot your original typo :)