Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ol' Blue-eyed.

Just when I thought I'd discovered every last blue-coloured weed growing in or around Vinoland, I came across  this little beauty. The Californian Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum) is not a true grass although it does resemble one, inasmuch as it grows low to the ground and has long, thin leaves.  In fact, when I walk the Vinodogs in the mornings the two Sisyrinchium plants on our route are hard to spot amongst all the other grass varieties.  It is not until our late afternoon walk that I can easily espy their location as they are by then in full bloom.  These simple, blue-purple flowers are so pretty that I love to look out for them as the girls and I promenade by.  I think the spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata) in the photograph loves these pretty little blossoms too.  Of course, he can get a little more up close and personal with the flowers than I can.


Thud said...

spotted cucumber beetle plus the potato beetle makes a salad?

Vinogirl said...

That would be one crunchy salad!