Friday, January 27, 2012

Pruning in earnest.

Last week's rain events delivered approximately 4.5 inches of the wet stuff to Napa, prompting a temporary pause to pruning activities in vineyards the length and breadth of the valley.  The weather is once again sunny and is forecast to be that way for at least the next five days, so the resumption of this essential vineyard operation is already underway - except in Vinoland.  It will be another couple of weeks yet until I get started, and like last year I will start with the Orange muscat vines.  Meanwhile, I have a lot to keep me busy as I decided to continue with my photography classes.  Smile!


Do Bianchi said...

so glad you decided to continue with the photography! keep it coming Vinogirl! :)

Vinogirl said...

2B: Will be working on new photographs in about 5 mins :)

Thomas said...

Also glad you are staying with photography.

It was painful to discover that Eastman Kodak filed for Chapter 11 protection. But then, having worked with that company over the years, it was obvious that the bureaucracy and corporate-think was entrenched and bent on dooming the place.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas, I think it's sad when any old company, never mind one with such a history as Kodak, finds it near impossible to keep up with the times.
In what capacity did you work for them?

Thomas said...

I used to design and produce audio visual presentations for the corporate world. It was in the days of 35mm slide multi-projector presentations.

I worked with Kodak products (Kodalith and color slide film for E-2 processing) but I also did a few projects for the company.

After many years away from the profession, I am writing a script right now for a new Finger Lakes Museum wine history video project.