Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lost in translation?

My first, and probably last, attempt at Haiku resulted in the most comments that any Vinsanity post has ever garnered. The fact that it was a New Year post, and the kindness of others in wanting to spread joyful season's greetings into 2011, was probably a major factor in a small milestone for my humble blog. Thank you all.
Today, a dear, dear friend generously took the time to translate my feeble effort at Haiku into her native tongue, and basically fix it for me. The word hush is no more, evidently it does not have a direct equivalent in Japanese, but rather in translation becomes be quiet. My Haiku now, apparently, has the correct number of moras. Who knew?
I was also given the translation written in the Latin/Roman alphabet. Even with coaching from a Japanese person there was one word that I just could not get my tongue around. Several hours and one glass of Cabernet sauvignon later the pronunciation of this singular word still eludes me...can't imagine why. I always thought that I made much more sense after a glass of wine!


Thud said... you are officially pretentious...congrats!

Vinogirl said...

Thank you...I work hard at it!

Thomas said...

Better to be officially than to be superficially pretentious.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas, thanks...I think!

phlegmfatale said...

The true beauty of a thing is best manifest in the gestures it inspires. Your haiku has wings, it seems. Very nice for a dormant bud. :) Happiest of new years to you and all you hold dear.

Affer said...

Just one small vine bud
A Haiku written in praise.
Better than working

Thud said...

Affer..stop encouraging her or her landing in Liverppol in April will be hard indeed.

Vinogirl said...

Phlemmy: I know, who knew such a little bud would assure so many comments. HNY to you too.

Affer: Don't stop with the Haiku, you're on a roll!
D'ya fancy a trip up to Liverpool in April to save me from my brother? :)

Thud: Maybe I'll go to Devon instead!

Vinogirl said...

Correction: 'Teak a look at this' - 12th July 2010 had the most comments on a Vinsanity post - a whopping 19!