Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bread and wine.

I avoid going to the shops at all costs on Sundays...just because they are open doesn't mean they should be patronised. But what do you do when you want fresh bread with your evening repast? Well, you simply pull from the pantry the Hovis flour and yeast your brother brought all the way from England for you, and get cracking!


mark oneill said...

You forgot to mention the pictured special ingredient to make it truely wonderful. Kerrygold Irish Butter! Brilliant on freshly baked bread, even better if its soda bread! Right, on that note I'm off to the bakery!!

Thud said...

Mmmmmm....warm bread.

Vinogirl said...

Mark: The Kerrygold is IN the bread also :)

Thud: The smell...yum!