Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello there little vine!
It amazes me how dormant, bench grafted vines muster up the energy, stored in their roots, to push through the mound of earth above them. It's a vineyard miracle :)
When the growth is about another inch long I will gently break down the mounds and let photosynthesis perform it's wondrous wizardry.
Of course this means the vines will need to be irrigated now as they will have almost depleted the moisture content of the soil they were planted in. Vinomaker, where are you?


Affer said...

So you don't ...err....'Burt Munro' them?

Vinomaker said...

Not to fear Vinogirl, that moving mound is me, bent over assembling irrigation wires, tubing and clips hanging 12" above the ground. This is a good job for vertically challenged humans or those with lots of flexibility. I was thinking that we should have done this last year when Princess OTW was in attendence. Alas, I will struggle on with a glass of Crios Torrontes and some Ibuprofen as a reward later in the day.

Thud said...

we have a little spare moisture if you are in dire need...make that alot of spare moisture.Vinomaker will have princess OTW at his beck and call come oct.

Weston said...

So cute! so do the vinodogs like new baby plants?