Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July.

It maybe slightly unusual to participate in celebrating your Motherland's historic loss of a bountiful source of tax revenue...but I'm always up for a good party. The fact is, I like the 4th of July primarily for selfish reasons. I love fireworks!
Being deprived the experience of the gun powder infused air of a damp November night each year is one of the things I miss most about England. So enjoying another country's firework fuelled celebration of Independence is alright by me.
Last night, Vinomaker and I attended a 3rd of July party at Phoenix Ranch Vineyard. Besides the opportunity to spend some fun time with good friends, eat great food and taste from a large selection of wines (it was a Napa party after all), the vineyard is in extremely close proximity to Silverado Country Club and, you guessed it, the Country Club's firework display. In tinder-box dry California fireworks are generally a no-no, except for organised displays held mostly on this the biggest holiday of the year. Vinomaker and I sat on a bench on the edge of the vineyard and had an unobstructured view of the pyrotechnic bacchanalia.
This afternoon we have a 4th of July party to attend at Black Cat Vineyard, an annual event that we thoroughly enjoy, followed by fireworks downtown on the Napa river front.  Two nights of fireworks in a row, what a treat.


Thud said...

MMMM!...brownies at black cat. I'll put a couple of bangers aside for you for next year.

Lord Roby said...

One of my fave quotes is still King George on 4th July 1776.'Nothing important happened today'...keep reminding them!!

Vinogirl said...

I will, M'Lordship.

Affer said...

Thomas Jefferson and his pals missed a trick really. If they had stayed inside pissing out (to use LBJ's eloquent phrase), the British Isles might eventually have become an American State....and just think: GW Bush might have become our Governor!

The villager: said...

Sounds like great celebrations with the explosive mixture of fireworks and wine.

We'll have to wait until Bonfire night for our rockets etc.