Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grapegrower, reveal thyself.

Not everything I do is grape related. Well actually, yes it is, but even within the confines of grape growing I sometimes get to let my hair down, literally, and enjoy an evening out even if it is with other grape geeks and wine aficionados.
Last night, Vinomaker and I attended a reception for the release of the 2010 Napa Uncovered Calendar, held on the beautiful grounds of Clos du Val Winery. All the pin-ups were present and thankfully, fully clothed. The photographs are all tastefully staged so that each model does not reveal much more than his farmers tan!
The event was a fundraiser for the Napa County Farm Bureau (NCFB), an organisation that works to preserve the natural and agricultural landscape of the Napa Valley. Even though the Napa Valley was made an agricultural preserve back in 1968, much ongoing work is needed to maintain and conserve what is after all primarily farmland. Wine grapes are a crop just like any other crop that is produced for human consumption, it's just that this particular one, fortunately for the majority of us, is made into wine. The Napa Valley is not akin to Disneyland with wine, the fact is, it is predominantly an agricultural area: it is a lot of fun, but people need to be gently reminded of this fact now and again. I recently had a woman suggest to me that a freeway should be built right up the centre of the valley to ease the traffic congestion (which is unfortunately a by product of the popularity of the valley)...yea right, that's going to happen. Thankfully we have an organisation like the NCFB to vigilantly work towards the continuation of agriculture in this mini Garden of Eden.
So having said that, I am off to check if Mr. January really removed that bundle of Cabernet sauvignon prunings, he is clutching, in the correct manner.

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